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Bright Day Thoughts: Microbiomes

Featured Guest Andy Needham

Featured Guest John Butler                                                                                          

BDT-What You Need to Know

BDT Up Close & Personal-XS Electrical Energy


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BDT Up Close & Personal-Vision Therapy

BDT Up Close & Personal-Technology

Featured guest Dawn Dana, Licensed Midwife                                                                     


Featured guest Lakshmi Lambert, L.Ac.                                                                              


Featured guest Dr. Mikio Sankey on Esoteric Acupuncrure

Featured guest Rafaele Joudry on Sound Therapy International

Featured guest Alice Asmar of 

Featured guest Yolanda at Dr. Chase's in Torrance, CA

Featured guest: Dr. Shen of

BDT: Up Close & Personal-Conception

Featured guest: Dr. Shen of

Featured guest: Dr. Shen of

BDT Up Close & Personal-Natural Underarm Deodorant

Featured guest: Sonia of

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