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SOUND THERAPY sonic MX3 portable player: The Listening Program
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Level 2 Building Ear Brain Connection (Must have listened to the Listening Program prior to listening to this.) 
For outside CA only, please e-mail if a CA resident.
$574 plus $22 s/h

In Office Treatments

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1 Special Treatment: $75

1 Regular Treatment: $90.00

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Spiritual Land Clearing:

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The Vincent Codes

All the Codes sold on our website are sacred geometry cards that Carleen Vincent and her son, Scott, visualized and made with the Spiritual Forces of Light’s aid.  The specific goal to balance and protect embedded within each card cannot be destroyed or altered.  The energy and sound frequencies from the card chosen seems to work by overlapping with a person’s aura, or emanating out into a specified area.  These Codes assist a person to vibrate to their own distinct vibration without interference.  All of the Codes make thoughtful, unique gifts.  (Crystals and stones are not included).





The Goddess Code


Although the Goddess Code has multiple purposes, it most especially may be used to clear negative vibrations off jewelry and other objects, doorways and rooms in general, the exterior and interior of vehicles, and people and their energy fields.  An affirmation written in pencil on a small piece of paper, folded, and placed on this Code under the pillow of the writer may help to clear energies interfering with the goal.  A child prone to nightmares, or convinced noxious energies are in the bedroom may use this Code to help dispel the energetic darkness. A small information packet accompanies this code when sold here individually. $20



The Temple of Light Codes


These four bright, mostly yellow cards are intended to be set up in four corners of a designated area for protection.  They can be buried outside in the front and back yards, establishing a huge rectangle that encompasses the house and garage for long-term use.  They may also be set up briefly for a day’s seminar in a conference room or overnight in a hotel room by placing them in the four corners of a designated room.  You may place a crystal and a fluorite tetrahedron stone in the center of each card if drawn to do so. $50




The Crystal Imprint Clearing Code


This Code clears crystallized negative thought-forms.  The Vincents say, “This Code is designed to break up and purify trillions of these crystallized thought-forms throughout the matrix and hologram of time that are not in perfection with wholeness, oneness, and unity.”  Next, “new programs are installed to broadcast frequencies of the Divine Blueprint to the Soul.  Then frequencies for the manifestation of the perfected etheric template into the physical are broadcast.”  Also, blocks are cleared and a connection to the conscious mind is established.  This Code may be placed on the Heart Chakra area and turned a quarter turn at ten to fifteen minute intervals until it is in its starting position again. $33







The Spiritual Clearing Codes


Five individual Clearing Codes, one Earth Chakra Code, a Manifestation Grid, and the Intent Code to be used in certain cases with the Manifestation Grid, along with written information are included in this set.  The five Codes may be used individually or together in personal treatments, or on others.  They are a ‘must have’ for practitioners who treat holes in auras, foreign energies attached to auras, etc.  Those with clairvoyant vision may see geometrical designs dancing in and out of a client’s body, seemingly convincing an aura to vibrate in synchronicity with the Code(s) chosen.  Also, used with the Earth Chakra, an intended geographic space may be cleared.  See Manifestation Grid for more information.  $150






The Manifestation Grid



 This includes the Manifestation Grid and the Intent Code.  The Vincents say, “The Intent Code and Manifestation Grid align you with the appropriate forces of Light for the manifestation of your goal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned.  These codes set up a field of protection to keep limiting forces from interfering with your intentions.”  This Grid and the smaller Intent Code may be used together with crystals or BioGenesis’ Amplifiers placed on each point of the picture of the star.  Set up with six amethyst crystals, it will transmute the energies in a healing room.  The intention of a workshop, or for a room to be continuously cleared, may be written in pencil and placed in the Grids center.  Though it never hurts to have two Manifestation Grids, please read about The Spiritual Clearing Codes before you consider purchasing this.  (Earth Chakra Code only sold with Spiritual Clearing Codes.) When sold here, the Earth code os not included.  (Purchase the Spiritual Clearing Codes with the Manifestation code included in order to get the Earth code.)  $40 



The Meridian Code

The Vincents say, “This Code provides sound frequencies and geometry for opening meridians and aligning the subtle energy bodies for easier integration of Code programs.”  Sensatives can feel the body’s energy open up and flow.  Acupuncture clients working on chronic stagnation may enjoy this Code’s help. $30

More codes are available upon request.

If more than one code is desired, contact Dr. Debbie using the Contact Form on the Contact Us page.  Arrangements can be made.

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