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Gallstone Flushing is Essential for Maintaining Health



Our livers, the chief detoxifiers for our bodies, are being overworked. Our stressful lifestyles, drugs we consume, and chemical food additives are just a few of the stressors. Free roaming toxins can burden our hearts, reduce available oxygen, and, consequently, become trapped and stored to produce bile clumps, also known as gallstones. The body forms gallstones for our protection by preventing the toxins from being absorbed through the intestinal wall and back into our bodies. Our bodies function well following this design - until they become clogged with too many gallstones. Because too many gallstones can have a negative effect on our bodies, flushing gallstones from the liver and gallbladder becomes essential to maintaining our health.

Why would we want to flush the stones out of our systems? Normally, heavy metals and radioactive elements are snatched out of our blood by the bile and are escorted out of our bodies, thanks to the natural fibers that we ingest. Unfortunately, trapped gallstones inhibit bile output, which also effects digestive functions, like nutrient absorption. Both a lack of bile and digestive malfunctions can lead to many diseases and ailments. The presence of gallstones, along with a
lack of bile, inhibits the body's free-flowing energy. Blocked energy can lead to anger, fear and other debilitating emotions. Since gallstone flushing ensures bile output can function normally, it stands to reason that flushing is essential to maintaining our overall health.

Gallstones aren't perfectly smooth like marbles. They have pockets and crevices that welcome viruses, bacteria, parasites, and the residue of drugs, ensuring continual infections for us from within. Gallstones, amazingly, are made inside our livers long before they scoot into the gallbladder, where they continue to grow. Often, the number of gallstonesin the liver will far exceed those within the gallbladder. As a result, the removal of our gallbladders does little to
the problem.
Flushes, even after surgery, will produce thousands of gallstones. This proves that gallstones aren't only in our gallbladders; they are within the thousands of bile ducts within our livers.

Expelling the gallstones from our gallbladders and our livers ourselves at home
is safe, simple, and inexpensive. We alone will profit. Taking malic acid pills or drinking apple juice for a week softens the stones. On the night of the actual flush, we will drink magnesium sulfate to open the bile ducts and olive oil to coax our gallbladders and livers to release bile, bringing the stones with it. We can do one flush a month for up to ten months in a row, or until we have two flushes in a row without any gallstones. We could confidently take a year or two off before starting another round of flushes; take the time to examine lifestyle and diet habits and alter them to keep the health of our livers in mind.

It is believed that the stones embedded within our livers affect us differently
according to the placement of the stones. After each cleanse, we may notice various ailments disappearing. We can take an oxygen blood testing instrument and test the oxygen levels of our blood before and after the flush to see the oxygen improvement gained after the flush. Conversely, improved health may be noticed without any instruments. Eliminating gallstones can result in healthy skin, in ailments clearing up, and in
our body's vibrations increasing. Our liver ducts will now be more open, allowing energy to flow. This affects all levels of our systems - benefits that confirm the gallstone flush is essential for maintaining health.                                                                                     

Try Gallstone Flushing Before Gallbladder Removal

Five hundred to seven hundred thousand people have a cholecystectomy, which is the removal of the gallbladder, every year in America.  They may do so believing that all their gallstone-related troubles will be gone after the surgery.  What many do not realize is that a cholecystectomy can bring complications and require lifelong dietary changes for those choosing the operation.  Because gallbladder removal can create problems, patients should consider a gallstone flush as a better first step toward restoring health.

Cholecystectomies are usually performed laparoscopically, meaning by placing tubes, a special telescope, and instruments in the abdominal wall through four small incisions.  The gallbladder also can be removed in the traditional manner via a six-inch cut into the abdomen.  Scars are left behind after either procedure.  All scars will be worse in those prone to a hereditary condition called keloids, which could leave a noticeable red, pink, or flesh colored scar.  Either way, removal of the gallbladder comes with consequences, including complications due to the surgery itself.  On the other hand, flushing the gallstones out over time has neither complications nor scarring.

During the surgical procedures, arteries may accidently be cut, leading to bleeding.  Unfortunately, in some cases, the hepatic artery (a main artery that supplies blood to the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and duodenum) is cut.  Not only is bleeding a concern, but also possible liver failure through the lack of blood supply to the liver.  Another problem that can occur during the surgery is the accidental cutting of the gallbladder itself.  When that happens, stones and bile spill into the abdominal cavity.  Even if a surgeon believes he or she has collected all the loose stones, patients may be required to use antibiotics longer in order to prevent abscesses from forming.  Antibiotic use leads to other digestive problems through killing good bacteria.  Postoperative nausea may also result from the anesthesia.  With flushing, however, no bleeding, antibiotic use, or anesthesia use occurs.

The common bile duct drains bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine.  This duct is often injured during traditional gallbladder surgeries and neighboring organs are sometimes cut when the gallbladder is removed laparoscopically.  Sometimes additional surgery may be required to repair these cuts.  Inflammation and infection can occur as a result of leaking bile from a surgical error.  With flushing, the stones leave without the use of knives or injury.

All surgeries, including this one, come with common complications like blood clots, bleeding, infections, pneumonia, and heart problems.  Side effects for cholecystectomies also include flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, pancreatitis, and weakness.  From nearly constant emptying of bile into the small intestine, diarrhea can happen in some people after eating fatty foods just after surgery.  For others, diarrhea becomes a chronic condition.  Avoiding deep fried foods, ice-cream, alcohol, chocolate, margarine, and caffeine assists the flushing process; however, abstaining is a choice.  Unfortunately, some patients who have their gallbladders removed may never be able to tolerate these foods again. 

The most common reason to have a gallbladder removed is because of gallstones causing pain and obstructing the bile.  Another reason is due to suffering from a malfunctioning gallbladder in general.  Both groups may find their conditions helped by taking a year to do gallstone flushing, for doing so may help them avoid surgery altogether.


               Liver Gallbladder Gallstones: Dissolving Verses Cleansing


I was just sitting here contemplating the liver gallbladder gallstone.  If you squish one of the florescent green stones in your fingers and examine the smushed pea-like chalky appearance, several things come to mind, including why the stone was formed in the first place and are there any dangers in releasing the dissolved stone’s contents into the body.  Is doing a liver cleanse better overall than dissolving the stones through the use of a formula?

Your body, in its infinite intelligence, obviously knew that forming the stones rather than permitting the toxins to roam freely in the blood was a move toward saving your life.  Perhaps we all would have suffered kidney failure long ago due to overworking our natural filters if the liver and gallbladder hadn’t been willing to devise a scheme to package the toxins and put them into storage.  Having so carefully trapped these toxins, is it the best course of action to dissolve the stones rather than to expel them?  To be sure, viruses, bacteria, and other toxins can escape into the body in both instances.  However, it would seem less opportunity to spread toxins comes from the whole stone because it has a smaller overall surface area than that of thousands of individual particles.  Herbs used in the dissolving process may include anti-microbial herbs, meaning herbs that act as antibiotics or antivirals, but remember, the body took years to capture toxins and to accumulate the stones that the formula wishes to dissolve in seven to sixty days.

It stands to reason that if a stone is dissolved, viruses, bacteria, residual products from drugs, and other toxins contained within are now left to roam freely in the blood.  This could mean that the kidneys are asked to work even harder than if full stones were removed from the body quickly.  Even with liver gallbladder cleanses, it is assumed that some of the toxins work their way from the stones into the blood, via the intestinal walls for instance, during its passage out of the body.  In dissolving the gallstone, however, finer substances are spread thin, with ample opportunity for absorption into the body. 

Clients who opt to do either gallstone treatment need to support their kidneys with an herbal formula in order to prevent the kidneys from being overburdened and to stop kidney stones from forming.  Moreover, those who use a formula advertised as dissolving the gallstones will be overworking the kidneys anyway from the influx of debris that has now entered the blood.  The people doing gallstone cleanses are encouraged to do two kidney herbal treatments during the entire ten month course of releasing gallstones.  Your practitioner is serving you by suggesting a colon/parasite cleanse to precede either option.  Assessing the client’s “Spleen Qi,” or the transportation and transformation functions, while helpful for both groups, is more important for those who wish to dissolve the stones.  You should have a strong system in order to take on the dissolving stone’s debris. 

Some practitioners may recommend a formula to dissolve gallstones before suggesting a liver cleanse.  They do this because they stand to lose revenue if their herbal product sits on the shelf.  For example, with a liver cleanse, clients buy their own olive oil, organic grapefruit, and Epsom salts.  If you choose apple juice to soften the stones instead of malic acid, which your practitioner may sell, that is also at your own expense.  Money-making schemes, no better than mainstream healthcare, at times find their way into alternative healthcare.

With the dissolving route, the client never feels fully empowerment over healing themselves and never gains a true understanding of what their body did for them by way of protection.  When you do ten cleanses in a row one with each new moon for ten months ─ you see the thousands of stones that your body made to bind up the toxins from the chemicals to which your body was  exposed.  Seeing what your body was able to do can inspire respect for yourself.  Also, it can cause you to contemplate your food, beverage, and air sources.  It is truly enlightening to say, “Wow, I don’t drink alcohol or take any drugs and look at that!” upon seeing hundreds of stones floating in the toilet.  After all, even if we are eating “right” now, we may not have earlier in our lives.  Also, chemtrails, the long lasting trails after a plane goes by, are showering chemicals on us.  If we have done cleanses in the past, cleaned up our lifestyle and diet, our bodies can show us how hard they’ve still been working by how many stones we see.

A person who doesn’t feel any side pain most likely still has a liver and a gallbladder laden with gallstones.  These clients may be convinced by a practitioner to dissolve the stones that are probably present as a preventative measure.  While making money for the practitioner, when stones are dissolved rather than expelled, clients miss the opportunity to actually see that even though pain free, they are laden with stones.  Fully discuss both options, dissolving and cleansing the gallstones, with your practitioner, and consider what these can mean for your body before deciding.  Ask the practitioner what his or her personal experience has been as well.  Become fully informed before attempting either process.

For more information on cleansing, please read The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. 


How I Do a Liver Cleanse


 Through the years, I have tried many various styles of doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse.  I’ve used a soft drink on one occasion and orange juice on another in lieu of grapefruit juice.  I’ve used  Malic Acid in lieu of apple juice, and I’ve played with  the  various designated times of going  through the steps.  Having studied the works of many authors who write about cleanses, I recommend the cleanse put out by Andres Moritz above all others.  My process for doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse includes the following:

                   ·         Do a colon/parasite cleanse, like Support the Mountain, up to a month before the liver cleanse.  Stop the colon cleanse when you start the apple juice or Malic Acid, and start it up again within two days following the liver cleanse.  Continue the colon cleanse for at least two weeks.

                   ·         On a Saturday, about a week away from a New Moon, I start taking Malic Acid pills to soften the stones.  I take one with each meal, which equals three a day.  Be warned that with the intention of releasing stones from your liver, stagnant qi (energy) is also stirred, and emotions like anger may start coming up immediately.  Do your best to be gentle with yourself and others.  Notice if someone says, “Have a nice day,” and you snap, “Don’t tell me what to do!”  It simply means cleansing was a good idea for you at this time.  Take responsibility for your feelings and move on.  On the Friday of the actual cleanse, I have a Malic Acid pill with breakfast, another pill with a morning snack, and a pill with lunch.  After lunch, I take no more food until the next day.  Don’t worry about becoming too hungry.  You will enter a whole other mental state, and food will be the last thing on your mind.  If it isn’t, perhaps fear is the emotion coming up for you.  Breathe.  You will live.  If you do anything wrong on cleansing day, the worst that will happen is that no gallstones will come.
·         Have everything you want in your room─like a computer, music, books, things you use in a meditation environment, and so on.  The process is like hibernating and having alone time away from your family.  Cleansing is like surgery, and you want to treat it as such, with all your attention on yourself.  Have your children’s grandparents take them for the night, or inform your spouse he/she is on his/her own that night.  (A family member can always support you during your cleanse, and you can support him/her the next day during theirs, if you both undergo a cleanse on the same weekend.)

                 ·         I prepare all my required Epsom salts in a jug beforehand and take it to my room with a spoon to stir as needed later.  My glass is marked with six ounces, so I can easily see when to stop pouring each of the four times.  If I take Epsom salts at 6 p.m., then before 5:30 p.m., I have at least six ounces of water alone.  Then at 7 p.m., the same, then at 9 p.m., the same.  The water helps with peristalsis, and I’ve hydrated myself in preparation for the salt-water mixture I will take at 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 6 a.m., and 8 a.m, and the oil/juice mix at 10 p.m.  I usually have my Epsom salts in six ounces of water followed immediately with roughly two ounces of water to get the taste out of my mouth.  While some people suggest mixing salts with juice, I recommend mixing with water.  However, if you use juice, be sure to juice it yourself.  Store-bought is never recommended.

   ·         Unlike the salts, the oil is best taken with juice; organic grapefruit juice.  Whether in a jar or cup, the oil and juice need to be in something that can be shaken.  I currently use an Amway protein shake cup that mixes as I shake it.  The liver cleanses in which I have had the support of another have been really nice.  If someone can prepare the oil and organic grapefruit juice for you, it’s uplifting.  Not having to look at the oil, being able to stay in your room, and having someone bring it to you at the appointed time helps you to stay in your zone.  No talking needs to take place beyond “Thank you.”    Shake the jar or cup’s contents really well.  Then I say, "Cheers," holding the jar up in a salute.  I place ¼ - ½ teaspoon of unheated, raw honey in my mouth, sort of at my lower teeth.  After one last thorough shake and a REALLY deep breath, I’m sure to swallow it all in ONE swallow.  If I don't, it's SO hard to continue. I have tried using a straw to drink the decoction and found the process too slow and, therefore, too grueling.   I have the room dark and quiet.  (On the few times I’ve had noisy talkers outside, I’ve put soothing music on close to my window, so I can focus on it rather than on them.)

·         Put the cup down and lie down immediately.  I've tried lying with pillows raising my torso and head only.  I've tried lying sort of flat, but my head up.  I've tried lying on my right side with my right leg drawn up toward my chest.  I think I prefer lying with my upper back and head raised by two pillows for the first half hour after the oil.  During the course of the night, I do it all.  I consciously do my best to avoid rolling onto my front, though.

                     ·         I do not promote a sleeping aid, but, I’ve never used one.  If you have a sleepless night, take advantage of the time and do active meditation/journeying or such.  You can also mentally thank the stones for saving your life by snatching up the toxins, and/or observe the grumblings and spasms, and so on.  It’s really no big deal to be a bit tired the next day.  After completing the process and breaking your fast by juicing, you can go have a nap, which is a nice recovery idea after “surgery” anyway.  Keep in mind that during the night, you may need to run to the bathroom.  Ideally, you would not have to go to the bathroom that first half hour.  This is because a lot of activity will be occurring, with bile and stones leaving your gallbladder and liver, making it best to lie still.  However, should you need to go to the bathroom, after going, lie down as soon as you possibly can.   

                 ·         Instruct someone to come and quietly take away the oily cup after a half hour if possible.  Ask them not to talk to you.  In the past, I have almost vomited just seeing that cup, but then I did a lot of hard cleanses prior to discovering shaking the oil/juice mixture. 

                 ·         I have an electrolyte drink by Amway called Sport that I drink the next day. 

While each liver gallbladder cleanse has been different, and while cleanse results vary amoungst people, liver gallbladder cleansing is well worth the effort and discomfort.

Gallbladder disease may be caused by certain hormone replacement therapies like PremPro (Lee, p.33), so please read What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause in order to get informed beyond what your doctor may tell you.

Frequently asked questions:

I want to do a cleanse.  How can I learn more about gallstones and getting rid of them?
Wonderful!  You want to try a cleanse.  Here’s my advice.  Read all you can first─even though your cleanse will be unique.  Apart from the articles here on my website, I recommend reading articles written by Andreas Moritz (you can google “Andreas Moritz Natural News” for some goodies, and, of course visit his website at <>.  I actually find his book The Liver & Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse helpful, because even though I know the measurements by heart, when in the cleansing zone, I still refer to it.  His recommendations are the best, in my opinion. First, he suggests aiming to do the cleanse as close to a new moon as possible.  He also recommends several within a year, each a month or so apart, because the stones in the back of the liver are moving forward.

 What are the details involved with the cleanse, i.e. measurements, etc.?

Andreas Moritz in The Liver & Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse goes into detail on page 114 about how to do the actual cleanse.  You use 4 tablespoons of Epson salts dissolved in a jug of 24 ounces of water.  You have one 6-ounces glass of the mixture at 6 p.m., 8 p.m.., 6 a.m., and 8 a.m.  At 10 p.m., you drink the 2/3 cup of freshly squeezed organic grapefruit juice mixed with 1/2 cup of cold-pressed virgin olive oil.  I suggest doing a lot of reading and actually having the book with you before attempting it. 

How should I go about breaking down really large gallstones before taking the oil?

I recommend using Malic Acid pills to soften the stones instead of apple juice because Malic Acid is effective and convenient.  If you are in fear about a stone getting stuck, I would suggest addressing and integrating fear first and then revisiting your goals about the cleanse.  I trust the Malic Acid to soften the stones so they squish as they pass through the ducts, and I trust the biggest will breakdown with the movement of the bile.  I also trust the Epson salts to open the ducts wide enough for what my body needs to pass through the ducts.  It’s the big stones I especially want to leave my system.  If I have any big stones, I trust they will come when they’re ready.


"I read your article on Natural News about Gallstone flushing. I had my gallbladder removed over a year ago and if I had it to do all over again and had been properly diagnosed sooner than I was, I would never have had the surgery done.  I have pain in my side where my gallbladder was.  I have some of the post-surgery symptoms you mentioned, constipation being the worst.  I tell everyone that I wish I had never had it done.  I wish I had seen your article before!"-Rueful in IL

"Hello Rueful, 
It may not be too late for you to try cleansing.  The pain could be from stones in the liver.  Please read articles and books on the subject by Andreas Moritz and see if cleansing would be a good idea for you.  Google "Andreas Moritz Natural News," too. 
You may have an etheric scar. 
The etheric body is where the aupuncture points lie.  It's the arm that's felt when the physical arm has been removed, for example.  Your etheric body may have been affected during the gallbladder removal.  Esoteric Acupuncture or some other treatments that focus beyond the physical body may help. 

Ask your doctor or practitioner if increasing your intake of lightly steamed vegetables may help with constipation.  Bran fiber and such can actually contribute to constipation, so be careful of non-vegetable fibers.  Be sure you're drinking adequate water at least a half hour before you eat or drink (especially if sodas, teas, coffees.)

 Since you had your gallbladder removed, it must've been perfect for you.  Perhaps it's made you a teacher.  Perhaps there's another gift."




































































































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